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There are a number of EI assessment tools available. You can complete the EI experience without doing a formal assessment, however, you may wish to gain more insight by conducting a more thorough assessment on your Emotional Intelligence based well researched frameworks.

There are 2 organisations we recommend you look at if you are interested in conducting an EI Assessment.  You can go direct to these organisations for the assessment or you are welcome to ask us to organise the assessment so we can also provide a phone debrief for you.

The EI assessments we highly recommend are:


We highly recommend the Genos Emotional Intelligence Development Assessment

What It Is – The Genos Emotional Intelligence Development Assessment is a 70- question multi-rater measure of how often an individual demonstrates emotionally intelligent workplace behavior. It measures how often people demonstrate the seven skills of our Model of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. A self-assessment only version is also available.

What It Is Used For – Predominantly for leadership development and internal talent benchmarking or identification.

How It Is Used – Most organizations use this assessment at the beginning of leadership development programs to provide insight into current levels of emotional intelligence and how to improve it. It is also used at the conclusion of development programs to measure the impact or effectiveness of the development intervention.

How It Is Completed – It is completed online via our web-enabled assessment platform. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

The key features of this assessment include:

  • Supported by a wealth of published workplace research showing meaningful correlations with a wide variety of outcome variables including leadership performance, job satisfaction and engagement.
  • Workplace specific behaviors are measured.
  • Extensive international benchmarks.
  • Easily mapped to leadership and other capability frameworks.
  • Surpasses all industry standards for psychometric reliability and validity.
  • One of only a handful in the world internationally recognized by the prestigious Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations.


Six Seconds

Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI) + Debrief

The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI™) is a suite of effective tools that measure EQ and equip people with a framework for putting emotional intelligence into action. The tools are used for a broad range of training, coaching, selection, and development needs. SEI is best-in-class because of the blend of strong psychometrics, easy practicality, and global relevance. Where several other tools provide meaningful feedback, the SEI is unique because it’s not JUST feedback, it delivers a process framework that equips people to actually USE emotional intelligence. The SEI also links EQ to real life; it includes two questionnaires, an assessment of current “success factors” (e.g., effectiveness and relationships) and the EQ measure; this puts EQ in the context of important work & life outcomes, providing the “so what?” to make EQ relevant.

The SEI is focused on developing key capacities for living and leading with emotional intelligence. Easily completed online, this statistically valid self-assessment comes with over 20 pages of interpretation and development suggestions. The Six Seconds model is easy to understand and focused on learning/development.

Six Seconds developed the three-part model in 1997 to help people put the theory of emotional intelligence into practice. The model draws on the work of Peter Salovey, Ph.D. (one of Six Seconds’ advisory board members), and Jack Mayer, Ph.D. who first defined EQ as a scientific concept. It also builds on the five components of EQ popularized by Daniel Goleman in his 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence, which endorses Six Seconds’ EQ curriculum, Self-Science. The model integrates leading thinking on this emerging science into a practical, usable, memorable structure.

The SEI was developed and researched in Europe and has been validated in North America and Asia. The SEI measures eight fundamentals of EQ, including emotional literacy, emotional management, and empathy.

The SEI is the only tool measuring the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence

  • Know Yourself is increasing self-awareness. It helps people understand their own thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Choose Yourself is building self-management and self-direction. It helps people follow their intentions and live more consciously.
  • Give Yourself is aligning daily choices with a larger sense of purpose. It helps people increase wisdom to relate meaningfully with others, lead from the heart, and make the most of life.



If you would like us to organise your own EI assessment and report and debrief at a discount price please contact Meg on info@theeiexperience.com or +61 417883870