Is the EI Experience program suitable for me?

If you are open, interested about EI and willing to learn, then yes!

If you enjoy learning and like the idea of doing an on-line program, then yes!

If you want to learn more about what makes people successful and happy, then yes!

If you do not have access to a computer , tablet or smart phone, then no!

Can I sign up and do the course at my own pace without joining in a particular group?

Yes, you can.  Once you register your passwords will be sent to you to commence the course


How can I pace myself through six modules ideally?

We suggest 10 weeks as usually participants have followed this type of timing, however, you may prefer to pace yourself over 6 weeks or 12 weeks it is up to you.  For example:

Week 1: register, complete module 1 and set up personal profile if you want one – this take some time to get all the feedback from your colleagues

Week 3:  module 2

Week 4: Module 3 – we suggest a couple of weeks between modules 3 and 4 in order to undertake the development ideas.

Week 6: Module 4 – we suggest a couple of weeks between modules 4 and 5 in order to undertake the development ideas.

Week 8: Module 5

Week 10: Module 6 – complete the ei experience.


How much time does each module take?

It depends entirely on you and how much time you would like to spend on extra reading or activities.  As a general guideline we suggest putting aside a couple of hours to work on the website conducting quiz’s and activities in the workbooks. Then another couple of hours or so throughout the week experimenting with the development ideas.


If I decide I would like a coaching session any time through the experience can I buy that as and when I need it?

Yes – just email us at info@theeiexperience.com and we will organise that for you.


What equipment do I need?

A computer, some paper and a pen and a comfortable and quiet place to work.  It’s best to be working via broadband/wireless rather than dialup.  Also, if you have an ipad, iphone, ipod you will be able to download various podcasts and apps recommended in the “extension” section for each module.


 What if I can not view the site properly?

Try downloading firefox browser onto your computer and opening www.theeiexperience.com in that browser and it should work.  If not call Meg on 61 417 883 870


Can I do the program without doing the assessment?

Absolutely.  The assessment is optional and you can choose to do it at any time or not at all.


One of my team is participating in the ei experience, what do I need to do?

You may be asked to provide feedback as part of your team members EI assessment.  During the program, we encourage you to meet with your team member and support their efforts in developing their EI.  If you see them trying something new be honest in your feedback about whether they are on the right track.  As the ei experience is a program that can be done during or outside office hours, be clear with your team member about your expectations and if possible, allow them some time to do some of the work during office hours.


I’m a coach, how do I use the ei experience with a client?

As part of coaching program, the ei experience can assist you in educating your client about emotional intelligence.  You may wish to use the development activities supporting each of the modules or come up with your own.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Meg on 61 417 883 870.