About The EI Experience

The EI experience is a program for people who want to improve their personal and interpersonal skills to drive and deliver high performance, satisfaction and success both personally and professionally. This e-course allows you to understand the different skills that make up Emotional Intelligence and develop these specific emotional intelligence skills at your own pace to help you drive your own success be it at work, in relationshipships or at home.

Participants may like to utilize the e-course as a stand alone development course or as part of a fully blended program. For a fully blended learning program please click here: http://theeiexperience.com/blended-program/

Benefit for individual participants:

Unique learning platform

Increase awareness of impact through others

Improve personal and interpersonal skills

Time for practice, reflection and feedback to allow for real behavioural change

Opportunity to undertake learning in own time and place

Benefit for coaches:

Way to introduce my coachee to the principles of emotional intelligence

Develop a sound knowledge base about the important elements of emotional intelligence

Spend the one on one time between coach and coachee having deeper conversations about their insights to their own strengths and areas they want to develop

Benefit for small business:

Cost effective training platform that often they or their team don’t have the opportunity to attend

Can be done anytime, anywhere

Can have one on one contact with an expert facilitator or coach

Retention strategy to keep high performers engaged by investing in their development over a longer-term period

Benefit for medium-large businesses:

Opportunity to provide cutting edge learning and development opportunities, challenging the way learning may have been done previously

Provides a common language, framework and experience on a national basis so virtual teams can develop together in a cost effective way

Allows people to make real behavioural change through practice, reflection and feedback

As a stand alone program can be used as an intervention to assist individuals interpersonal success