The EI Experience – Emotional Intelligence Development Online

Welcome to The EI Experience.  Would you like to be more authentic with those around you, happier and more successful at work and in your personal life?  In this on-line learning program each module below is packed with psychological insights and practical strategies. You’ll be coached step-by-step in the practical skills that build emotional intelligence and leadership performance. Get started by choosing a module or you can choose to purchase the whole program.

Evidence confirms that people high in Emotional Intelligence (EI)  have more meaningful relationships, are happier, more optimistic and are more successful. Research also supports EI can be developed.

EI - Why is it so important?

This module introduces Emotional Intelligence (EI) – what it is and how it can benefit you.  As individuals our success and the success of the profession today depend on our ability to read other people’s signals and react appropriately to them. Therefore, each one of us must develop the mature emotional intelligence skills required to better understand, empathise and negotiate with other people.



Awareness is the ability to recognise an emotion as it “happens”. Developing self-awareness requires tuning in to your true feelings. If you evaluate your emotions, you can manage them.  Emotional awareness is crucial for success – if we cannot recognise how we are feeling we are at risk of behaving in demeaning, angry, or belligerent ways that will turn others off.  This module introduces the importance of Values and Mindfulness.



Successful relationships are based on people being authentic and genuine. You show your authenticity through being open with your emotions and creating feelings of trust, understanding and empathy with others.This module examines how we approach difficult conversations or conflict and gives you a model to help you plan for and conduct crucial conversations in an authentic and honest way.



The ability to stay committed, challenged and feel in control rather than threatened by stress is more important in today’s environment of ‘doing more with less’, increased speed, deadlines, and managing multiple priorities. This module explores personal resilience and how developing it can help you manage through difficult or stressful periods to improve your overall wellbeing.



People with a high degree of EI are usually motivated. They’re willing to defer immediate results for long-term success. They’re highly productive, love a challenge, and are very effective in whatever they do. To motivate yourself for any achievement requires clear goals and a positive attitude. This module looks into recent research into motivation, willpower and habits.



In this module will look at happiness, well-being, the ability to feel satisfied with your life, enjoy yourself and have fun. We will provide activities to examine ways to increase your wellbeing levels. The activities here utilise the recent neuroscience research into goal setting to develop a plan for the future to ensure you continue to challenge your thinking and develop positive wellbeing habits.


The Full EI Experience

The ei experience is a program for people who want to improve their personal and interpersonal skills as well as mindfulness skills to drive and deliver high performance, satisfaction and success both personally and professionally

Emotional intelligence(EI) is at the heart of leadership functions such as driving change, communicating difficult news, making effective decisions, motivating and engaging others as well as personal resilience

The ei experience is a holistic approach combining individual work, one on one coaching and group workshops to develop, enhance and ultimately improve a persons effectiveness as a leader